Monday, June 4, 2007

Do What You Love, Love What You Do: Best of reCareered - page 2

Following Your Passion:

My friend realized she really enjoys dining out, discovering emerging music acts, enjoying Chicago’s nightlife, and recommending her favorite places. She loves being a local expert about the Chicago area entertainment scene (I bet she likes the occasional VIP treatment also). She figured out how to make enjoying Chicago her job by building a website that provides independent restaurant and entertainment reviews in Chicago. That’s right…she earns her living going out to dinner.

When she started out, she worked as a server for a few years while launching, but now runs her wonderful site full time - her time as a server gives her insight into the inner workings of restaurants and an instant rapport with staff.

It’s not always easy following one’s passion, and requires serious introspection and bravery. It’s not for everyone, certainly not for the weak of heart. Not every person thrives equally well in an entrepreneurial environment vs a corporate structure. You’re probably not going to immediately step into a salary equivalent to what you left, but you might build to that or more.

For the brave workers who are sick of the corporate lifestyle, there’s never been a better time to jump off the cliff. Costs of entry are shockingly cheap. Computing power, promotion opportunities, guerrilla marketing opportunities, voice and data costs keep dropping and becoming more user friendly. Social media gives individuals a voice, and effective online guerrilla marketing gives us the opportunity to bootstrap and shamelessly promote our passion and expertise.

So whether your passion is running, stamp collecting, baseball, travel, scrapbooking, cooking, or Chicago’s nightlife, consider that you might make your passion your job.

I’ve personally found that doing what I love makes every day an adventure to look forward to. I enjoy helping people, and reCareered gives me the opportunity to take what I learned sourcing top talent for large corporations and applying it to help candidates.

How can you turn your passion into your job?

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Martha said...

I liked what you said about recareering requiring serious introspection and bravery. Everyone is not naturally a person who "reflects" and I wonder about your thoughts on that. Since I, myself, happen to be a "reflector," I am not sure how to invite those who are not into the game. The best I could do at 70 to "prompt" this kind of thinking, is to write down how I see the world and invite readers, through a multitude of examples of others, perhaps gain a window on how they see themselves and their possibilities. Perhaps your readers would enjoy this new resource: Why Not Do What You Love?, and the related .com website.

Phil Rosenberg said...

Thanks Martha!