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How Job Seekers Can Use Opportunity Channels To Find More Interviews - page 3

Additional Opportunity Channels To Explore:

There are three more opportunity channels that few job seekers use. Why are they seldom used? These are less obvious, seldom taught, and when they are used ... they are typically misused, with poor results.

However, these three channels, when used effectively, can be the source to unlock the hidden job market - the unadvertised, often less competitive job market. Remember the phrase "it's not what you know, it's who you know"? These channels help candidates to get to know the right people more often ...
  1. Broad Network Your broad network are acquaintances from past jobs, kid's school events, trade shows, networking events and social networks. Maybe you've met these people a few times, maybe you've had coffee or lunch, but you've probably never been to their house or family events or invited them to yours. Resist spamming them with your resume, but work with them to gain even more valuable information than just the jobs posted already on their website (see ).
  2. Social Networking Your social network is a different channel than your broad network ( yes, there's a little overlap - First level connections ). Potentially even more valuable than your first level connections, are the people your connections know and are connected to - your extended network. Chances are, your close and/or broad network are connected to people in your target companies - quite possibly in the department where you want to work, or the hiring managers themselves. Utilizing your social network is a two step process:
  3. Inbound Marketing: Perhaps the most effective yet least used job search channel, inbound marketing creates what marketers call a "pull channel" - an inbound pipeline of opportunities. Candidates who use social media to create personal brands and market themselves help Google, recruiters and hiring managers find them. Since today's managers typically first do their own due diligence on the net to research business problems, making yourself findable on Google by your subject matter expertise helps hiring managers find you before even before the problem turns into a job. Being findable by Google is one of the best ways to get ahead of the curve in the hidden job market, by being the solution to a company's problem - for more on this channel see ).

Are you using all six channels in your job search? How can you use more of these channels to get additional "lines in the water" and to give yourself a better chance of catching a great job?

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