Friday, June 22, 2007

10 Reasons You Didn’t Get The Job - Page 3

Reasons # 6 - # 10 You Didn’t Get The Job:

  1. You presented more risk than other candidates: Risk can perceived for many reasons, but have the same end result - hiring managers are less likely to hire candidates that present risk. The hiring manager doesn’t want to look bad, lose the employee in 6 months, affect team morale, generate poor work quality or quantity, or rely on someone undependable. In many companies, one of the biggest criteria for managers to be promoted is the quality of the teams they’ve built. How can you reduce the perception you give of risk? (Many of the same factors that give perception of risk can also translate into a lower salary - I discuss both in

  2. Your references told a different story than you expected: Your references can say nice things about you, yet still unknowingly damage your shot at the job. If you don’t know exactly what your references will say and you haven’t coached them, you leave yourself open for unexpected results. Your references do more than just make flowery statements - they help tell and confirm your story. If you haven’t told your references which part of your experiences you’d like them to highlight, how will they know how to best help you? (

  3. Google/Facebook/Twitter searches disclosed unfavorable information: Most companies will perform an online search in their final due diligence process on candidates. Do you know what your target company will find? Have you prepared yourself through Online Reputation Management? (

  4. You lied ... and got caught: The statistics are amazing - how many candidates lie during the job search process. With so much information available online, so many places to corroborate information, it’s just reckless for a candidate to lie on their resume or in the interview process today.

  5. The company found a less expensive candidate: Especially in today’s environment of tight budgets, companies look for ways to do more with less. One way to effectively compete is by demonstrating what you offer in excess of the job requirements - often the winning candidate demonstrated "something extra" ( Unless you have very hard-to-find skills, expect that you’ll have salary competition for your next job. Fortunately there are a number of places where you can get market value information for most positions (

There are many parts of the hiring process that are out of your control. However, there is a surprising amount of the process that is entirely within your control. You can best control what you can control through research, guerrilla job search tactics, and finding inside information to give yourself an edge ...

... by giving you more that you can control yourself.

So - Why didn’t you get the job? Do you know now?

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Karla said...

Phil - This is a fantastic down to earth list of real reasons and great links to further resources. I'll be sharing it! ~Karla

Phil Rosenberg said...

Thanks Karla!