Saturday, June 30, 2007

Job Search Question Of The Week: How Did I Do? - Page 2

Why Is This Important?

  1. Manage your expectations: Isn’t it better when you know when you’ve done well? Otherwise, how can you tell when your internal gauge is giving you the right feedback? Why get excited about the opportunities that won’t give you the chance to move forward?

  2. Compare opportunities: As you start to see a more opportunities, understanding interviewer feedback gives you an idea of where you have the best chance of success.

  3. How they answer may impact your interest: Are you likely to be more interested in a company that gives you a lukewarm response, or a company that really wants you to come back for the next interview round?

  4. Time management: Gaining clear interviewer feedback gives you better information on how to manage your job search time. You’d be amazed at how much job search time candidates waste chasing after opportunities where they didn’t know they were out of the running.

  5. Gain understanding of hiring process: Gaining feedback gives you a better idea of the hiring process, so you’ll know how to read response ... or lack of response. If you know up front that a company is taking 3 more weeks for interviews before scheduling a second round, you’re less likely to freak out if you haven’t heard back in 7 days.

  6. Opportunity pipeline management: Candidates often keep dead opportunities in their pipeline, giving them false hope. Worse, this can also cause dependence on current opportunities instead of spending time developing new opportunities. Depending on a pipeline of dead opportunities won’t get you closer to your next job.

  7. Demonstrates interest in job: If you don’t ask how your interview went, you give the impression that you don’t care ... because you’re not interested in the job.

  8. Using as a closing technique: Some hiring managers (especially relevant for sales positions) won’t consider a candidate who doesn’t try to close them, or at least ask how they’ve done in the interview.

  9. Feedback: Aren’t you the least bit curious?
( Continued...How To Find Out How You Did In The Interview: )

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