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What Is Gist, Anyway?

T.A. shared that Gist is “focused on relationship focused professionals, people who put a high value on their networks and how to get the most out of them.” Gist helps a candidate understand “ ... who do I know, what are they working on, and should I explore working with them?”

How Can You Use Gist In Your Job Search?

  1. Survey the landscape: Learn about a company or industry and the types of places where you want to work. Use Gist to find online influencers at those companies. See who’s talking about the industries and companies who interest you - also learn what bloggers are talking about it. As you learn who the influencers are, connect through email and social networks. Start conversations with company and industry influencers (social networks, email, or the good old telephone) to learn about problems and issues at your target companies and who you should contact internally to learn more. Don’t waste these opportunities by directly asking who you should send your resume to - that’s usually a direct path to HR. Instead, have conversations, listen, learn about other’s perspective, and build relationships (try some of the tactics in

  2. Prepare for meeting: Before Gist, you would have Googled the person you’re preparing to meet. However, Gist does all that for you, providing a comprehensive insight and assembling general news, blog content, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and your personal communications all on the same dashboard. Gist lists all email exchanges you’ve had with a specific contact. Now, when you walk into a meeting or interview, you have a summary of news and communication with your target. This can even be structured to appear on your calendar (depending on your choice of calendar).

  3. Follow up: After you’ve met, your contact continues to generate content. Your target’s content can be used to continue to build a relationship. Rather than the touching base email that screams “I want to talk to you, but I can’t think of anything to say”, instead you can continue the conversation with relevant industry information or even comments on your contacts Twitter/Facebook stream or blog posts. This type of communication can give the perception that you’re really paying attention to the industry, their company and them personally - it’s a direct demonstration of your listening skills. Can you see how much more powerful this type of contact is rather than just touching base?

( Continued ... What Are The First 3 Steps To Use Gist In My Job Search? )

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Tommy said...

I think you mis-dated this page.

Also, I find a lot of these articles interesting but I don't understand why I have to keep clicking through pages after a couple of paragraphs, especially when there's a huge length of content in the right column. I end up here from posts made to the NU LinkedIn group, and it's to the point when I see that it's this site, I briefly debate if I want to take the time to go click through the pages. There's a reason that bigger sites now have a "View on one page" option; the analytics are weighing more heavily length of time spent on a page.

Phil Rosenberg said...

Tommy, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on site navigation. Blogger has some issues with longer posts, that will be solved when I migrate to a new design and blog platform later in the summer.

Until then, my articles are too long to be single page - causes huge problems for others who want to find yesterday's articles, or want to scan the past week's worth of content. The "mis-date" is a work-around to other problems Blogger has with multi-page posts.

Thanks for your patience, these issues will be straightened out later this summer when the site redesign is released.