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What can you do with this info?

Understanding competitive information can help a candidate choose which jobs to apply to and how much time they should devote to follow up for a particular opportunity.

For instance, if you find out that you’re one of just 10 applicants for this job, you might decide to devote some time to follow-up. This might be a good company to work back channels through your personal network, to get to the hiring manager. On the other hand, if you learn that there were 5,000 applicants, your time might be better spent elsewhere.

By reviewing the information in hireINSIDER, you can find some comparative information on other applicants. So if you didn’t get a college degree, but find out that 80% of the other applicants for the same job have masters, do you think the chances are good that you’ll get the call? You might learn that your background just isn’t competitive for this type of opportunity and chose to concentrate on others where you’re a better fit.

In addition, if your degree is in music and you learn that the majority of your competition for that customer service manager job have business or marketing degrees, you may want to write a resume that bridges that obvious gap through experience.

hireINSIDER is an option given to applicants after they have already applied for a job. While this allows the candidate to actions for future jobs, unfortunately the candidate can’t use this info to help create a resume that can be more competitive for that specific job - only after the fact.

These are some samples of information you can receive in hireINSIDER:

Number of applicants:

Employment status:

Education level:

Top college majors:

Top colleges/universities attended:

How can you use this information in your job search?

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