Friday, May 14, 2010

How To Take Control Of The Interview: Best of reCareered

How can a candidate take control of an interview and direct the conversation? Find out how directing the conversation gives a candidate a better chance at a successful interview.

Far too many candidates give the interviewer full control of the interview process, believing their job is to respond to questions. Others may fear that taking interview control might upset the interviewer, disqualifying a candidate for a job.

Usually, these approaches are both mistakes. Most companies today want to hire people with initiative - taking control of the interview can not only show initiative, but give the candidate a better chance to relate their accomplishments to the company's specific issues.

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Ever get all excited for an interview, only to be frustrated that it didn’t go as well as planned? Maybe your experience wasn’t portrayed in its best light, or your many accomplishments weren’t valued.

How can you avoid this outcome, and take control of the interview?

It’s really not that hard….partially it’s how you approach the interview and partially how you employ some interview tactics.

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