Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Outplacement vs Career Coaching: Which is right for you?

A recent comment on my Linkedin group revealed confusion in the difference between outplacement and career coaching. They aren’t the same thing, they serve different goals, and completely different sets of clients. Which one is right for you?

It’s interesting how many candidates I speak with don’t think they need coaching help because they are covered by a prior employers outplacement service plan. When asked, these candidates don’t understand the difference between these two types of services, and the differences are huge.

This article explains the differences, so candidates can better understand which type of service is right for their needs.

( Continued ... What is Outplacement, Really? )

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Jeff L said...

Shouldn't the message really be that good outplacement services should truly be a combination of both employer benefits and career transition support? A good OP program should combine tools along with career coaching and should last longer than the traditional 30/90 days. In today's economy, with an average unemployment time of 35.2 weeks, participants need a coach who is with them for the long haul...

Phil Rosenberg said...

Jeff, The purpose of the article isn't to tell corporations what they should or should do ... the purpose is to educate candidates that outplacement services and career coaching are different services, with different goals, and often different time frames.

But it's not just about the time frame of the service - what's more important is that these are entirely different services, but many candidates mistakenly consider them to be equivalent.