Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Logo - Comments, critiques, advice? We need your feedback!

As part of the design of reCareered, we are designing a new logo and tagline. The tagline is "Let's talk about jobs ... ", to emphasize the new discussion features that will differentiate reCareered. Thanks to a reader who developed the winning design above, from the logo design contest reCareered announced in March.

Is the logo design clear? Does it make you think about conversation? About jobs and careers? Any suggestions to improve how it looks or feels to you?

The redesigned reCareered website will feature you the readers, not just me. You'll still get my job search advice, but you'll also get to see other career experts' advice - and hopefully some disagreements.

Most importantly, reCareered will be your voice also, the voice of the job seeker. Expect forums where you can ask questions of top career coaches - and get answers. Expect groups where you can share your opinions, frustrations, and success stories about changing careers and searching for jobs - and give back to your fellow candidates.

The site will be relaunched in the next few week with these and many other features designed to bring better information, answers and a voice to job seekers - you'll get information on the relaunch here.

Until then, please comment - We need your feedback! Please comment below:


Linda O. said...

It's clean, crisp and focused.
Good design!

Phil Rosenberg said...

Thanks Linda!

rorydean said...

Hello Phil,

The logo design is straight forward and elicits the idea of recreating or building upon, which I believe is at the core of your message. The dialog balloon adds the element of conversation, so to that end the design, as Linda wrote, is clean, crisp and focused.

I read some of your posts on interview techniques for a mentor, who's hiring and firing, and hidden jobs, and the content clearly connects to your theme of career advice for today's employment markets. I noticed that you have been writing on the subject of career advice and job hunting for some time, so optimizing what your blog is all about with a logo is pivotal in establishing or reinventing the ‘re-careered’ brand.

As a relatively recent film school graduate with a niche audio/video production company looking for new avenues to put my specialized skills to work, I am intrigued by the idea of building on the career I’ve already invested a lot of time and money in. Re-careered serves as both a starting point and a mid-way fork in the road, if you will, and as such stands apart from other career advice sites and blogs that cater to the less experienced job hunter.

Best of luck,

Rory Dean

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Phil Rosenberg said...

Thanks so much Rory!

ljbaker said...

Your logo is a nice design. I really like the conversation balloon!

edjaworska said...

New logo is simple, clean and elegant.Result commensurate to your service.Very good design.