Friday, August 6, 2010

The Secret of Job Search Efficiency: Best of reCareered

Way way back in the year 2000, things changed.

They changed for the better for employers, but worse for most job seekers. Only the fortunate few who learned how to make these changes were able to make these changes work for them – and it gave them an Unfair Advantage. Sad thing is, this is still the state of today’s job markets.

What happened in 2000? 2000 was the first year that the majority of resumes were delivered digitally. And the whole game changed, but it was silent. Most job seekers still don’t understand the profound changes that occurred when hiring markets reacted to digital resumes, that affect today’s candidates.

Here’s 6 ways to make these changes work for you ...

( Continued ... 6 Ways To Increase Your Job Search Efficiency )

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