Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When The Job Ad Says Don't Call: Job search question of the week

What should you do when answering an ad that says “No Calls”?

When answering an ad that states “No Calls”, how can you learn enough inside information to differentiate your resume? Or should you just send a static resume, customized based on just the few details in the ad, hoping for the best?

Ever see a job advertisement stating that candidates should not call? Should you ignore the request, or would calling send a bad signal to your potential employer?

( Continued ... The Ad Says Don’t Call - Should You Listen? )

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Kane County Department of Employment & Education said...

This is a great article about doing an informational interview. The same tactics could be done even if there isn't a job posted. It gives you the meat for your investigation, to realize the corporate brand and culture and whether you would aspire to work there at all.

Phil Rosenberg said...

Thanks so much Kane County. Feel free to republish this, or any other of my articles on your site to help local candidates.