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Outplacement vs Career Coaching: Which is right for you? - Page 3

What is Career Coaching?

Also according to Wikipedia, “Career coaching focuses on work and career or issues around careers ... Career coaching is not to be confused with life coaching, which concentrates on personal development (see 'personal coaching' and 'life coaching', above). Another common term for Career Coach is 'Career Guide', although career guides typically use techniques drawn not only from coaching, but also mentoring, advising and consulting.”

You see from the definition above that carer coaching is a broad term. Career coaching encompasses:
  • Career Change/Job Search
  • Managing career path and politics at current job
  • Leadership coaching

A career coach that focuses on job search and career change works for the candidate and is paid by the candidate. The Career coach’s goal is to help the candidate find a job through one or more of the following methods:
  • Assessment
  • Goal Setting
  • Personal branding
  • Online reputation management
  • Job search planning
  • Resume writing or review
  • Accountability
  • Networking help
  • Social Networking help
  • Social branding help
  • Presenting the candidate to opportunities or hiring managers
  • Presenting the candidate to recruiters
  • Interview preparation
  • Post-interview assessment
  • Negotiation coaching
Career coaches typically offer a wider variety of services than outplacement firms and typically get more involved in the details of the candidate's search. This is an advantage for some - a disadvantage for others.

Notice that the goals of an outplacement service and career coach are very different. Notice also that the client is different also.

( Continued ... Outplacement or Career Coaching - Which is right for you? )

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