Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Who’s Firing - Layoffs week ended 7-16-10 - Page 2

Top Layoffs week ended 7-16:

Pharmaceuticals topped the list as Merck announced 15,000 layoffs globally, Eli Lilly eliminated 480 positions, and McNeil cut 300 jobs. Defense was next, as Northrup Grumman announced 5,00 layoffs at it New Orleans shipbuilding facility and General Dynamics cut 560 San Diego positions.

Government remained near the top of the list as 17 state/local governmental units and school districts announced layoffs this week affecting thousands of workers, led by Riverside County government laying off 1,000 employees and Oregon State Agencies announced shedding 562 jobs. Energy Company BP Solar cut 320 positions in Frederick MD.

Health care had significant layoffs, as Pomona Valley Medical Center disclosed 300 job cuts.

Inclusion on this listing doesn’t mean the entire industry is down, as some from the same sectors appeared on the “Who’s Hiring” article published 7/12/10.

Job seekers: You might want to look in greener pastures than these companies.

Organizations announcing or rumored layoffs for the week ended 7/16/10:
  • Merck, Various US and international (15,000)
  • Northrop Grumman, New Orleans LA (< 5,000)
  • Riverside County Government, Riverside CA (1,000)
  • Oregon State Agencies, Salem OR (562)
  • Nassco (General Dynamics), San Diego CA (560)
( Continued ... See the rest of this week's top layoffs )

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