Saturday, July 7, 2007

June 2010 Employment Trends Show Mixed Results - Page 2

Indeed Growth by Function:

SimplyHired discusses that the Bureau of Labor Statistics released May unemployment totals that declined to 9.7%. Private-sector employers added 83K jobs in May, but temporary census jobs ended, shedding 225K workers. reports that private-sector employers added twice the number of jobs in June 2010 compared to May. Private-sector payroll has increased by 600K YTD 2010 compared to 3.7 million job losses at this time last year.

Indeed tracks employment trends by industry each month. Indeed's June 2010 trend by industry survey shows growth in all fields, except real estate. While health care is only up 2% over June 2009, there were nearly twice the number of health care openings (670K) than retail (346K) the next closest industry. The greatest changes were in transportation (a whopping 73%), hospitality (47%) and retail (41%) consistent with recent Who's Hiring articles I publish each Monday.

Chart source: Indeed Blog

( Continued ... Growth by Metro Area )

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