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3 Ways For Job Seekers To Gain Inside Company Information - Page 3

Source #2 - Job Boards and #3 - Linkedin Company Follow

Source #2 - Job Boards

Most job seekers use job boards to learn what job openings exist at the moment. But job boards can provide information about jobs that will be listed in the future. In a sense, job boards can be predictive, a crystal ball.

How can you predict the future with a job board?

Consider the impact that hiring a new person in an advertised role will have on the company. If a company hires a new VP of Marketing and the job ad looks for someone with extensive new product experience, is it so surprising that the company is planning to launch new products?

What types of help does a company that is launching new products need? Sales, marketing, promotion, advertising, manufacturing, inventory, accounting, and possibly customer service help. Technology companies that are launching new products likely need software developers. If you have experience with a company that released numerous new products and you were involved or the results of those launches affected your job, you could be a good fit.

Consider the impact of a company that is hiring a new VP of Manufacturing and is searching for an expert in lowering manufacturing costs. What other needs would a company have that is cutting costs? Perhaps engineering, inventory, shipping, accounting, finance, IT, purchasing - positions that help companies cut costs.

How about a company that is hiring additional sales people? Take AT&T, T-Mobile & Version for instance - These companies have been heavily hiring all year and many of the open positions are in sales. Companies that are making a huge push to beef up sales teams will likely have future needs in servicing customers, technical support to help more customers, accounting, warehousing/shipping, marketing, and advertising.

For more details on using job boards to see the hidden job market read .

Source #3 - Linkedin Company Follow

Linkedin Company Follow gives great information about the organization structure of companies. For starters, Linkedin Company Follow lists the members of Linkedin who are current employees of a specific company. You can use this information to search for people in specific departments, or who have specific titles. For instance, if you’re looking for a programming job with a specific company, you probably want to talk to a Director of Application Development, or IT Project Managers at your target company. Linkedin Company Follow makes these hiring mangers easy to find and contact - if they are on Linkedin.

Maybe the strongest feature of Linkedin Company Follow is a listing of new employees at a company. If a company has a great number of new people in customer service, doesn’t it follow that they are building (or rebuilding) their customer service teams, and that the company may have even more needs for good customer service workers (or managers)? If a company shows that it has a new VP Finance, is it likely that that person might want to beef up finance/accounting staff? New executives often are brought in to revamp or expand teams and want to choose their own staff (call it “The New Sheriff In Town” syndrome).

Linkedin Company Follow also lists former employees. Watching this list closely for your target companies can reveal great contacts - Managers/Executives who have just left the company. These contacts may be in the same boat as you - looking for a new job, needing help, information, and contacts. These are excellent opportunities to pay-it-forward, as former employees can reveal great information about your target companies and may be able to arrange introductions with the right hiring managers to help you.

Linkedin Company Follow also lists job advertisements - See Source #2 above for details on how to use job advertisements to predict future needs.

Finally, Linkedin Company follow lists news articles posted about your target company, making it another source of publicly available information.

For more detail on how to use Linkedin Company Follow as an information source, see .

( Continued ... What Inside Information Can Help Job Seekers Most? )

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