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How To Write Your Resume For The 4th Audience - page 3

How Can You Revise Your Resume To Best Engage The 4th Audience?

The best way I've found to increase the odds you'll be viewed as a fit by an audience that you haven't met is by anticipating the language they use and placing it where they will most likely look. Here's how:
  1. Understand the 80%'ers:It's often said that 80% of the people within an organization are similar in many ways and form a corporate culture. These are the 80%'ers, who are called good team players, get along with everyone, and are great politically (the 20%'ers are either mavericks or outcasts). The best way to understand 80%'ers from an organization is to talk to a few other 80%'ers. Listen to the language they use, the jargon, acronyms, phrases that are unique to the company - this is the unique language of the company.

  2. Research the 4th audience If you want to sail past the 4th audience, you'll establish connections with them before your interview even takes place (see Just like you utilize your company contact to learn who the hiring manager is, learn who the hiring managers boss, peers and team are. Reach out to them and talk to as many as you can before you've interviewed. Don't talk about a specific position, spend your time asking questions and listening about the company and industry (see Follow up your conversation with a thank you, to cement this new relationship and remind the 4th audience member who you are.

  3. Use their language: Listen to how your company contacts answer questions, and pick out elements of their specific company lingo. Use the company's language in your resume and in your interviews - to sound like you already work there. Incorporate the corporate language into your resume, to use the company's words to describe your accomplishments, giving the impression that you "get it", that you'll "fit in" and that you pass the "have a beer test."

  4. Include it where it's most likely seen: If the 4th audience typically spends it's short review in the top half of your first page and the first couple of bullet points in your recent jobs, then make sure that the company's language is liberally used in those areas.

No one can guarantee a single strategy that always works 100% of the time in job search, but you can bend the odds in your favor. Speaking to the 4th audience in their own language is a great way to improve the impression that you are a personality or cultural fit.

How can you change your resume to speak to the 4th audience more effectively?

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