Friday, May 25, 2007

Top 3 Ways To Write A Thank You Note - page 3

There are many ways to write a thank you note. But each of these 3 ways has a specific purpose - Choose the one to help you in your specific situation.

Top 3 Ways To Write A Thank You Note:

  1. Fast: Email is the fastest acceptable way to thank your interviewer. Never text a thank you. A very few companies might find it favorable for you to send a direct Twitter message or a Facebook message (I wouldn't try this unless the target company provides apps or services to Twitter/Facebook users). Email is fast, but it's not very personal.

  2. Personal: A snail mailed thank you is more personal. A hand-written note is much more personal and worth the extra effort since very few candidates will hand write a thank you note. The problem with using snail mail for your thank you note is that it's slow (Don't try to speed it up via fax - it kills the personal effect). If your handwriting is difficult to read, print. If your handwriting is large, then use fewer words in your note, and use stationery instead of a card.

  3. Both Fast and Personal: Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. When my clients really want to pull out all stops and give an opportunity their full effort, I recommend both sending an email and also sending snail mail. Sending both gives you the effect of fast as well as personal. Make sure the snail mailed note isn't just a repeat of the email. Also, include an introductory line stating that while you emailed to be responsive, you also wanted to send a more personal note. Don't worry, if you construct a succinct intro and don't make the hand written note a repeat of the email, you won't seem like a stalker, nor desperate.

How can you use a thank you note to seal the deal?

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