Monday, May 21, 2007

Interview in a Snap: Best of reCareered - page 3

If everyone uses the same methods, what can give you an edge?

5 Tips To Give You An Edge In The First 30 Seconds:

  1. Expressiveness: People with animated expressions and vocal variances are seen as more easily read, so hiring managers feel they are seeing the real person, with less guessing involved. This trait makes the interviewee more naturally likable. So leave your “Poker Face” at home.

  2. “Interaction Synchrony”: Mirror postures, gestures, and non-verbal communications of the interviewer. In a way, it shows the interviewer subconsciously that you understand and speak their language. Every hiring manager wants someone who “gets them”, can almost read their mind, avoiding additional explanation and miscommunication.

  3. Eye Contact: Practice your eye contact. Use video with mock interviews, paying attention see if you look at the interviewer while they are speaking, and if you maintain eye contact while answering. Lack of eye contact can give the non-verbal impression that you’re not interested, a poor listener, even that you might not be telling the truth. Have someone else evaluate your eye contact, and give you feedback.

  4. Preparedness: Always go to an interview prepared with a pen and portfolio for note taking.

  5. Posture: Sit forward, never back, with your hands in your lap. Keep both feet on the floor, and sit straight and still. When answering, lean forward slightly. Don’t slouch or kick back, even if the interviewer does (this is one non-verbal cue that you shouldn’t mimic). Some interviewers will lean back as a test…to see if the candidate mimics.
All of these non verbal cues take place in the first 30 seconds. Your non-verbal cues, along with the first impression your resume already gave the interviewer typically determines the hiring manager’s decisions.

Candidates, Recruiters, and Hiring Managers - Any tips to add about how to make a great non-verbal impression in the first 30 seconds?

What will you do differently during your next interview to make a non-verbal first impression?

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