Friday, May 11, 2007

If You Can't Describe It, How Can You Find It? - Dream Job Visualization - Page 2

Why Can't Candidates Describe Their Target Job?

  • Broad goals: When asked, many candidates will describe their job search goals very broadly ... "I want to find a job where I can make a difference", or "... add value", or "... help in the strategic direction", or " ... in sales."
  • Training: Most of today's job seekers were trained to search broadly for jobs write broad resumes, so they don't close themselves off from opportunities
  • The times, they are a changin': Having broad goals made sense when we found jobs in the newspaper, because there wasn't a capacity to search for specific job criteria. Jobs were defined broadly and therefore employers expected candidates to describe themselves broadly. Job boards changes the industry and encouraged employers to write more specific ads and to search for specific criteria. These changes also candidates to search for specific criteria and still return a large enough universe.

I provide clients with an exercise at the beginning of their job search, called Dream Job Visualization. This exercise encourages candidates to think about what they are aiming for, very specifically. Many times, I'll have a client redo the exercise, because the first attempt was too broad. You can find a copy of this exercise at the end of the article.

( Continued ... 7 ways to visualize your dream job )

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