Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Top 30 Job Boards For 2010

It's like the Oscars for job boards. recently published its 2010 User's Choice Awards, based on year long surveys of recruiters and candidates.

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“We believe customers count most,” says Weddle’s Publisher and CEO, Peter Weddle. “While pundits can make their own picks, it’s the people who use the sites who really know which are most helpful.”

When considering these top sites, it’s especially relevant to remember that job boards are just over a dozen years old. Twelve years ago, candidates had just a couple of choices other than Monster. These are the thirty best sites of the over 50,000 job boards now in existence, and only Monster existed a dozen years ago.

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For the category of general job boards (in alphabetical order):
Yahoo! HotJobs

And let’s not forget the niche job boards:

Absolutely Health Care

The top websites were from a number of different industry segments. Health Care was represented by Absolutely Health Care,,, and . Dice was the only technology job board on the list. for hospitality jobs made the top 30. focuses on the retail industry. Weddle’s recognized for excellence in the logistics vertical.

Top websites also represented a number of candidate demographic groups.,, and all target recent college grads.,, and target senior managers and professionals. targets candidates who want to be represented by staffing and recruiter firms, while targets part timers.

Additionally, a few job boards focus on the type of companies recruiting. targets companies who seek to actively improve their diversity initiatives in their hiring process. Companies looking for a top site to target Veterans for hiring can look towards to help find candidates. was the only firm with a regional focus to be named in the top 30. Jobing has 48 city or regional sites focused on jobs in a specific geographic area.

Eleven sites were general purpose job sites. The largest sites (Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs all made the list. The aggregators Indeed, SimplyHired, and TopUSAJobs also were awarded with spots on the top 30. Other general purpose sites include DirectEmployers,, EmploymentGuide, and

Personally, I don’t recommend you use all 30 job boards … that’s just too much for a candidate to keep track of.

Plus, many companies and recruiters advertise the same job on multiple sites. I recommend you choose 3 major boards to follow and 2 additional ones. I’d choose one of the aggregators, one niche board for either industry or demographic, and one niche board for either geography or company type.

Use the tools that a job board gives you to make your search easier and more automated. Most job boards will send emails or RSS feeds for all jobs that meet your specific search criteria. This makes your search more manageable, so you can spend more time customizing your responses, and less time searching the job boards.

Even the top 30 job boards are not the end-all be-all for your job search. I don’t suggest ignoring job boards, nor do I suggest that they should be your only source of job leads. They are just one opportunity channel, and a competitive one at that.

Don’t forget about the other opportunity channels that can help you: Networking, social networking, recruiters, government career centers, and inbound marketing (social branding) are all opportunity channels that I recommend today’s job seekers explore.

Which of the above Weddle’s Top 30 sites will you use?

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Steven Rothberg said...

Thank you for this article, Phil. It was a real pleasure to see selected as a top job board by Weddle's for the fourth year in a row.

Sponng said...

Good review of an industry standard. As for what I would use... I think your summary was pretty good.
I suggest 1-2 large job boards, one aggregator, one industry, and one regional. How those play out depends on the specific needs of the client and job function, but that usually covers your bases and sets a solid foundation for external online recruiting.

Bob said...

Hi Phil
FYI...When you posted the top 30 job sites for 2010 your forgot the most important, if you watched President Obama's last speech he mentioned Clean energy no less than 20 times as the key to jobs and our future as a country and is cleary the number one job board in Clean energy and always has been . The site contains more than 750 New Clean Energy job everyday! Thanks!
Bob Deskin

bgsteelfan said...

Good article. I don't agree with all the rankings, but its good to see a lot of the ones I use up on the list.

Avril Shelton/ said...

Great article! It's good to have all of these resources compiled for use. I'd like to make mention of a niche website: (Sales/Marketing job focused)

Sue Booth said...

Thanks for mentioning Net-Temps. Just want to point out we've been around since early 1996 - 14 years now! We were one of the originals, and have been on the Weddle's best list every year it's been published.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

A comprehensive list for sure. Regarding Health Care related sales positions, I would include as well due to the plethora of opportunities in pharma, biotech, devise, diagnostic, and equipment across the country. It is has current openings laid out by state and city. It is a "pay as you go" sight, which can have its advantages.

imjustagoyle said...

I don't see on this list. :) We have data to show that we outperform "all other job boards" on Indeed click traffic nearly 3 to 1. We are integrated with social media and targeted channel partners such as Indeed & SimplyHired, allowing employers to tap into targeted candidate pools that the other job boards aren't reaching.

You are aware that HotJobs was purchased? I don't see them as being a player at all.

Phil Rosenberg said...

Thanks everyone for adding your comments and suggestions, much appreciated.

Remember, this poll was ranked by users. It's not my opinion, not's opinion - it's candidate opinion.

And it was announced that Monster purchased HotJobs last week, but that was after the poll results were released.

Unknown said...

I really appreciate the article, it helps to understand the sites out there and what is available.

I was pretty interested in one site that was commented on and now understand why it is not on your list. The site: has some interesting jobs listed but to even see the job description you have to pay for a subscription! Not very helpful.