Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bait Your Resume - Best of reCareered

Yuck! Why would you want to bait your resume?

Do you want your resume reader to have a desire to learn more about you? Do you want your resume’s reader to see that you’re something special, unique, extraordinary, a “must have on my team” player?

Or do you want your resume to look like the hundreds, maybe thousands of other resumes that your employer sees?

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Most resume writers and recruiters will encourage you to leave no questions unanswered on your resume, so you look prepared. And most job seekers follow this advice. Sadly, it doesn’t work well.

I disagree with that old school advice. I guess it works if you want to look like all the applicants. But who can afford to be average, when you are competing with large numbers for just one job?

Today, you’ve gotta stand out. Be different.

Bait makes you different.

So what’s bait, and how can I get some? I’m not referring to nightcrawlers, minnows, Pillsbury dough, or anything else fish eat.

Bait is a statement that causes your reader to want to know more – and has to talk to you to find out more. A statement where you tell part of the story – the sizzle. But you’ve ‘forgotten’ to tell how you got the sizzle.

If you tell an employer that you solved their problem, but don't tell them how you did it ... don’t you think they’d want to talk to you, to hear how you slayed their personal dragon?

Want to sample some bait?

Bait: “Delivered client application packages 25% under budget and two weeks ahead of schedule, by adopting new management techniques”.

Bait: “Improved profits by 20% by applying innovative tax planning techniques, approved by IRS standards”

Bait: “Increased division sales by 70% through a variety of new management techniques”

Bait: “Cut transportation costs 40%, by implementing innovative solutions that also cut delivery time by a day on average”.

Bait: “Increased new accounts by 50% by applying exciting new prospecting methods”

To your reader, this bait doesn’t taste like worms, it tastes like gold. You’ve demonstrated how you’ve solved specific problems - and if you’ve laid the bait correctly, you’re showing how you’ve solved your target company’s specific problems (see the Response resume section of Yet you haven’t given away the golden goose.

To get answers, the target company has to talk to you.

Target companies needing to talk to you? What job seeker wants that?

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