Thursday, October 16, 2008

Live from the HR Tech Show in Chicago

HR Tech is a trade show where HR managers go to learn what's new. All they are talking about is Web 2.0, how to find candidates on LinkedIN, Facebook, even Twitter.

I attended one of the sessions where the presenter asked the audience how many used LinkedIN - about 75% raised their hands. Then he asked how many used Facebook - about 25% raised ther hands. MySpace - 10%. Twitter - just me.

Then the presenter demonstrated how to use Facebook for recruiting, to find friends of friends, people with common interests, using interest groups to find recruits. Not a surprise to readers of my blog, but what was surprising was how many weren't using Facebook yet to recruit...though it seemed that most of the crowd had heard how powerful it could be.

Interesting side note....when asked, almost all of the audience of HR Managers read blogs, but almost none wrote blogs.

I'm off to a presentation on cool new HR Technologies, and will share comments and thoughts later today.

Back to the world of what's new in HR.