Sunday, September 21, 2008

Announcing reCareered Teleseminars - and special offer for readers

Announcing reCareered's Second Teleseminar Series.

Special offer for reCareered Teleseminars - Purchase by Wednesday 10/15/08, and take 33% off – only $199

You're a reCareered reader, so I know you need help in your job search. Maybe the higher cost of individualized assistance was out of your budget? I wanted to do something to help, so I’m launching the first reCareered Teleseminars for career changers who want to learn how to get an unfair advantage in today’s job market, but at a lower price point.

I’m offering a 33% discount for a very limited time – only $199 - and only to this special group of job seekers that I’ve communicated with before.

• How would it affect your job search and starting salary, if you could increase your resume response rate to 25-50%?
• Have you sent dozens, or even hundreds of resumes only to get just 1 or two interviews?
• Do you feel like your resume isn’t even being read?
• If you’re like most job seekers, you use a resume strategy that gets you less than a 5% response rate. No wonder you’re frustrated, that’s a lot of work to get an interview, and a LOT of unnecessary rejection.

The fact is, job search is broken, leaving candidates frustrated with poor results, lots of work, and little to show for it. Because of this dysfunction, the job market is frustrating and seems to take longer to land a good job than ever before. Throw in a looming recession, and it makes your job search just that much harder.

But there’s something you can do about it. There are unfair advantages in today’s hiring system, to the few who know the inside track.

If you’ve read my blog (, the new reCareered newsletter, or articles I’ve published in Business Week, CIO or Fast Company, you’ll realize I take a different approach than most coaches or resume writers. Most give the same tired advice that may have worked 10 years ago when resumes were written on paper, and dinosaurs roamed the earth. It’s no surprise that these tactics don’t work in today’s digital job market.

The Teleseminars:

In order to help more people, reCareered is launching a series of 4 Teleseminars, covering topics including:
1) Resume Strategies – 4 Audiences
2) Best Places to Search for jobs & Fishing vs Response resumes
3) Inside tips to use LinkedIN to accelerate your search
4) Gaming the interview
Exercises: Exercises will be included to make the Teleseminars more valuable and hands-on

Thursday 10/16/08, 8:00pm CST
Thursday 10/23/08, 8:00pm CST
Thursday 10/30/08, 8:00pm CST
Thursday 11/06/08, 8:00pm CST

Each class is 45 minutes long.

Can’t make a class? Recordings will be available to registered participants.

I’m offering a 33% discount to just blog & newsletter readers and people who I’ve talked to or emailed about job search. But this 33% discount is only available through Wednesday 10/15.

Purchase your seat in this innovative Teleseminar today for $199.00 through Wednesday 10/15/08. Purchases after Monday will be at full retail.

Hope to have you join this great Teleseminar series!