Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Should I Include My Address On My Resume?

A client asked me last week if she should include her address on her resume. With today’s concerns about identity theft, this is becoming a more common question for job seekers. My response surprised her and it might surprise you ...

Because of increasing risk of identity theft, the question of how much personal information to disclose on your resume is a valid question today. There are big tradeoffs at play and careful consideration of personal information disclosure brings up a number of critical pros and cons ...

( Continued ... Pros vs Cons of disclosing personal information on your resume )

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Dan said...

I say no way. There’s unfortunately too much bias attached to where you live

Phil Rosenberg said...

Dan - Interesting angle. I guess if there are negative connotations with where you live, and you believe it would hurt, rather than help your job search ... then I agree, leave it off.

But is your address that much of a negative for most people who's address isn't the county lockup?

Kenneth said...

I for one personally distribute copies of all my resumes with just my name, cell phone number and e-mail address. In fact, whenever I have to submit my resume online to that "unknown" employer, I find that it is most useful indeed to not list the names of any one of my employers (past or present) for if the advertisement is a scam, which is a VERY GOOD POSSIBILITY these days since there are quite a number of advertisers out there stating that they're from "that big company" when in fact they are not, they will do anything and everything to milk your former employee(s) about you while at the same time claim to be the President / CEO of "that big company". Bottom line: It is the actual content of your resume that lands you the job and not something trivial like the omission of your physical address. Besides, the person who wrote this article already has a nice cushiony job to come in to everyday so why not say something stupid and put it in writing?

Phil Rosenberg said...
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Phil Rosenberg said...

Kenneth, Thanks for posting. I'd like your comment to be seen by more of the readers, but you posted on my blog archives. Could I ask you to repost this comment to my new site, so more readers can see? Please repost this comment to: http://www.recareered.com/blog/2010/09/14/should-i-include-my-address-on-my-resume/ .