Thursday, September 9, 2010

How To Ace The Interview Without Saying A Word

It’s said that something like 90-95% of our communication is non verbal. In addition, two separate studies demonstrated that hiring managers make hiring decisions based on first impressions within the first 2-30 seconds. See how to use non-verbal communications to ace the interview ...

According to these studies, this occurs a shocking 98% of the time (see Within this short timeframe, the majority of your communications will probably be non-verbal.

I found the following guest post to be a fascinating explanation of successful non-verbal interview skills that can help create your best impression during an interview.

I asked Shadow Nightwing, an expert on non-verbal communications, to guest post a continuing series of articles designed to help candidates improve non-verbal interviewing skills.

( Continued ... Guest post: How To Ace The Interview Without Saying A Word )

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