Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Networking Wedding Crashers – Be the Only One Like You in the Room

What do you think is a more effective networking strategy? Going to an industry event with others in your same profession? Or going to an event in a totally different industry?

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If you’re an IT professional, while you might find industry contacts from companies or recruiters who are hiring at a Tech Cocktail networking event, the other 500 techies in the room are all asking the same thing. You have lots of competition, and little way to stand out. What if you went to a Media Bistro event instead, in a room full of Media, Marketing, Advertising, and Creative professionals?

At the Media Bistro event, you probably won’t find many other technology professionals. If you can figure out how to break the ice and find some common ground with a few people, an event in a different industry may allow you to create a greater number of contacts valuable to your search.

If you’re a finance professional looking another job at a networking event, it will be easier to remain front of mind with others who heard of finance jobs, if you were the only finance person at the event.

Both types of events have their purpose and value in your networking strategy…but because of the comfort factor, and maybe a little fear of the unknown, we tend to stick with our own crowds and go to our own industry events. We tend to not explore events for other industries.

I know it’s counter intuitive, but as a tech professional at a marketing event, it’s much easier to differentiate yourself, because…

…You’re the only one like you in the room.

How many other-industry events have you crashed?

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