Thursday, June 3, 2010

Facebook Becomes Job Search Engine

SimplyHired, a job search aggregation site, announced that it's just released new features allowing integration with user Facebook friends. How does this help job seekers?

This integration marks the first time Facebook has entered mainstream job search. Facebook has long been a way that a candidate can be found by recruiters and hiring managers who are searching for an employee. Now SimplyHired makes it easier to find companies where they have Facebook friends to contact about the hidden job market.

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SimplyHired has featured integration with Linkedin for awhile, allowing Linkedin users to overlay network contacts on top of job ads. Facebook integration is a little different, allowing candidates some different ways to search for jobs.

( Continued ... What's Similar To Linkedin's SimplyHired Integration - What's different? )

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Eric said...

Hello. I went to the SimplyHired site and see no interface with LinkedIn allowing Linkedin users the ability to overlay network contacts on top of job ads. How does one initiate this functionality?

Eric L. Girven

Phil Rosenberg said...


There are a number of different ways to integrate SimplyHired and Linkedin.

The overlay ability is through Linkedin's browser toolbar, found under tools at the bottom of your Linkedin home page (or at

You also can connect your Linkedin account to SimplyHired by clicking settings. Once logged in to Linkedin through SimplyHired, your contacts will display in a box to the right of SimplyHired ads.