Thursday, September 3, 2009

Start Developing Good Networking Karma!

Kirsten Gauthier-Newbury of Marylhurst University Career Services Blog quoted an earlier article in her blogpost "Start Developing Good Networking Karma!"

What does networking mean to you? Are you someone who feels compelled to “sell” yourself at every event, business card in hand, despite it feeling inauthentic? Do you think that building ones network means schmoozing ones way to a new job? Do you believe networking is taking advantage of others to find your next opportunity? Does the idea of attending events with the sole purpose of promoting yourself make you sweat? It’s time to shift your perspective!

At its very core, networking is about building relationships, and every relationship requires give and take. It’s not just about getting what you need but helping others get what they need. What if you decided that the next event you attend, you go with the sole intention of finding someone else to help? Despite whatever difficult circumstances you find yourself in these days, I challenge you to give of yourself, without expecting something in return, and you will surely reap rewards if you trust the process. Remaining detached from any particular outcome is not always easy, but it is required to build good networking karma.

Phil Rosenberg, in his blog ReCareered, sums up this idea perfectly in his post “Achieve Enlightenment through Networking Karma”. He emphasizes

“…job seekers are more effective if they stop searching for a job, and start searching for problems to solve. Networking works the same way. If you search for problems you can solve at networking events, you do more than collect cards, you build a fan base.

It’s time to release that networking pressure valve and see what good you can do for those around you. If you’re ready for a different approach that will energize your search, check out this interesting upcoming local event presented by Imagine Your Reality, where the idea of “networking is creating meaningful and helpful relationships where everyone wins.”


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