Saturday, August 15, 2009

Best Linkedin Groups for Jobseekers

Career Guide, a UK based career blog shares some Linkedin tips, and was kind enough to include reCareered's Linkedin group, Career Change Central, as one of the top job seeker groups to join on Linkedin.

Last month I wrote a post about using Linkedin to find a new job. I wanted to dig a little deeper and in this article I wanted to introduce to the top 10 groups to join if you are looking for a job. Most people know what Linkedin is all about, but not everyone is familiar with the group. There are thousands of groups that you can join once you are a member of Linkedin. Most of these groups are centered around professions, interests, and colleges. They are a great tool for networking and meeting people with similar interests. There are also groups that exist for the sole purpose of allowing job seekers and those with job openings to connect. If you are using Linkedin and not using the group feature, you are missing out. Here are the top 10 groups to join for job seekers.

1. JobAngels –This is one of the best and targets. JobAngels is a non-profit job search network of professionals helping other professionals opportunities. They also have a big following on Twitter.
2. Executive Suite – Great community for executive level job seekers.
3. Star:Candidate for Hire – This is the largest and best group to join bar none.
4. The Talent Buzz – Group of job seekers and recruiters..
5. Career Change Central – The largest and best group for those seeking advice and contacts during a career transition.
6. Jobs Alert – Job search group targeting management level candidates.
7. – Official job search group on LinkedIn for, the largest job aggregator on the web.
8. Project: Get Hired! – If you are looking for a support group during your job search, this is the place.
9. Job Search Help – group for job seekers sharing advice and leads and networking. This is a very helpful and supportive group..
10. B2B Reps- Discussion and networking forum for sales reps and sales recruiters. This is a must if you are in sales.


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