Friday, April 11, 2008

27 Resume Killers

According to CareerBuilder, these are the 25 worst words to put in your resume. How many of these empty words are in yours?

- Aggressive
- Ambitious
- Competent
- Creative
- Detail-oriented
- Determined
- Efficient
- Experienced
- Flexible
- Goal-oriented
- Hard-working
- Independent
- Innovative
- Knowledgeable
- Logical
- Motivated
- Meticulous
- People person
- Professional
- Reliable
- Resourceful
- Self-motivated
- Successful
- Team player
- Well-organized

And I'll add two more - Proficient, - Responsible (or worse yet - Responsible for)

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1 comment:

Spark! said...

Oh my...those words are everywhere in my resume. Any suggestions on what descriptive words should replace the "Resume Killers"?

Paige D