Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Facebook gets Chatty - Reason to Facebook #326

Facebook recently announced on it’s blog that they are releasing a Chat application soon (http://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=12811122130).

You know why your kids will love this new feature. But why is Facebook Chat important to job seekers?

Think about it…much like with Twitter from my earlier post, with Facebook Chat, you can now broadcast your availability and your online resume, resume blog, or profile directly to recruiters and employers who are online. Also, you can just broadcast that you’re looking for a job to Facebooks’ 68 million users.

While developers have made Facebook chat applications available as an add-on, the most used chat application has just 35K users. But a built-in chat application reaches the entire world of Facebook.

Watch for Facebook chat which is supposed to launch in the next week or two. How will you use Facebook Chat in your job search?

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1 comment:

Spark! said...

I seriously believe that online chatting should never be part of communication regarding anything more than..."Hi have a great day".

I have encountered more miscommunication and lost contacts through this venue. Without voice inflection, seeing the person delivering the message,facial expressions, body language, etc wires can too easily get crossed.
A phone call is always my first choice!!