Monday, June 9, 2008

Ten Things to Do After You’ve Told All Your Friends

You’re between jobs, you’ve told all your friends, and you sent them all resumes – now what?

1. Email your LinkedIN & Facebook network, but do it the right way. Give before you ask….what can you give? Tell your network that you have great news! You are actively networking - Ask your network how you can help each of them….what opportunities you can be on the lookout for them in your networking journeys?

2. Don’t ask for a job, instead ask how you can help. But definitely attach your resume – people are pretty intelligent and will figure out if you attach your resume, you might just be looking for a job. Make it personal. Make your email an update like a Holiday Letter, including family details, even pictures.

3. Build your LinkedIN and Facebook networks. These articles can show you how to build broad networks FAST!
Now That I’m LinkedIN, Who Do I Link TO?
Who Else Wants to Add More Facebook Friends?

4. Send your active networking, family introduction letter to all new contacts, and people you meet at networking events, with resume attached. Let your new contacts meet you and your family. People help others that they like…be likable.

5. Revise your LinkedIN profile to reflect highlights of your resume. Include keywords and industry jargon to be searchable. Your LinkedIN profile should reflect your primary Subject Matter Expertise. See Build a LinkedIN Profile You Can Be Proud Of!

6. Revise your Facebook profile to reflect highlights of your resume. Use a similar strategy to LinkedIN, but consider these also:
- Hide or erase all potentially embarrassing Facebook apps
- Review your pictures and videos for potentially embarrassing content
- Change your privacy controls to require approval of any picture or video that tags you to be included on your profile

7. If you’re on MySpace, you’ll probably have LOTS of work to do to clean up your profile and main page. Assume an employer will look up your MySpace page. Make sure there’s nothing that would prevent you from being hired. You’ll likely have to be more careful if you’re going or a job in banking, and less careful if you’re looking for a bartender gig.

8. Google yourself. Search until you find yourself. Write the page number where you’re first displayed. Do the same with a Yahoo search. Make sure you identify if there are any results that you don’t want employers to see that are revealed in your search.

9. Investigate Networking events and groups. Many job seekers just look at one or two industry groups and thing they’re hard-core networkers. There are general networking breakfasts, lunches, and events in most cities. In large urban markets there are networking events most every weeknight, that can give you the opportunity to meet the person who can will connect you to your next job.

10. Contact your Alumni organization. List your resume with them. Find out about networking events your Alumni office or Alumni club sponsors. Get a list of Alumni in your town (Inviting them to LinkedIN and Facebook would be nice!). Inquire about job postings your Alumni office has, and get a login to their job board.

What will you do next, after you’ve told all your friends?

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