Thursday, May 1, 2008

Visualize your Dream Job

We’ve all heard that a positive attitude is critical to your job search. But is it enough?

Visualization exaggerates a positive attitude. And there are many reasons.

For starters, how can you get that great job if you don’t even know what your perfect job looks like? How can you recognize and get excited about that perfect job, if you haven’t defined it for yourself? Would you even recognize it while you were interviewing or applying for it?

When I speak to clients, I’m surprised how often they don’t have a clear vision of where they want to go. All too often, I hear broad undefined ideas of a perfect job. This tells me as a coach, and tells a hiring manager, that you may be unhappy where you are (especially if unemployed), but you really don’t know where you want to go. Why would a hiring manager choose someone without direction, who’s just looking for anything? A job seeker might be able to get away with this where there are severe labor shortages (nursing), but not in a job market that’s even slightly competitive.

In addition, as your job search continues, your goals may change, It’s crucial to keep track as they change so you are moving toward your revised goals, instead of wasting time and effort chasing obsolete goals.

The more time you spend thinking about and defining your perfect job, the more excited and driven you’ll be to find it. The more you visualize your perfect job, the more effort you’ll put into finding it. And the more you think about it, the more likely you are to find your perfect job.

So what’s the best way to visualize your next job? The most important thing is that you carve out a short amount of time per day to visualize. Five minutes is literally all it takes.

Writing the definition of your perfect job is a great way to make visualization work for you. You don’t have to do the whole thing in a day. In fact, it works best as a continual work in progress. Schedule 5 minutes to work on goal definition and visualization each day, and just revise a little bit. Every day.

Some might suggest meditation, and if you practice meditation, it can be a good way to visualize.

It takes so little effort, and you’ll be surprised how visualization can focus your efforts and bring you closer to your perfect job.

Start today … invest 5 minutes to define and create your dream job.

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