Monday, May 12, 2008

Top 30 Job Boards, a publishing firm and consultant for headhunters, published the results of its survey, the User’s Choice Awards. Job seekers and recruiters voted for their favorite job sites, and the results are in for 2008.

Peter Weddle, publisher of the survey, commented about some of the responses. Remarks range from the “unprintable” to responses like "SimplyHired is hands-down by far the best job board on the Web." The User’s Choice Awards are "the only recognition in the $6 billion-a-year global online recruitment industry where actual users - job hunters, employers, and recruiters - get to pick the winners."

The biggest surprise about the survey is the sheer number of job boards in existence. 50,000 boards. WOW!

It’s interesting to note that the majority of winners were niche sites, that focus on a profession, industry, or geographic region. Weddle suggests that a job seeker use up to 5 job boards, including 2 general sites, and 3 niche job boards in their search strategy.

In order to make it easier to manage searches at 5 job boards, set up search criteria, and have each board mail you daily matches. That way, you can have an easier time short listing which positions you’ll apply for, and spend more time on your network and your research.

So here’s what you’re waiting for…the Top 30 Job Boards:

General Sites:

Niche Sites:
AbsolutelyHealthcare ( (Hotel, Hospitality) (Healthcare Jobs and Social Network)
Regional: (Mid-Atlantic)
Demographic: (Recent college grads) (Hispanic & bilingual) (Veterans)
Career-Level: (Hourly) (Senior Level Executive)
The (Senior Level Executive) (Contract, Temp) (Senior Level Executive) (Hourly)

Weddle’s newsletter states “Given this critical role, it's important to remember that job boards are barely more than ten years old. A decade ago, there was a Monster Board, the Online Career Center, and a handful of smaller sites. That's it. Today, there are more than 50,000 job boards operating in the U.S. alone and an equal number offering their services elsewhere around the world. Which begs the question, ‘How can you determine which sites will best help you achieve your employment objective?’

…Are there other great job boards out there? Absolutely. The winners, however, have generated enough enthusiasm among their users that those individuals are willing to take the time out of their busy day to visit the WEDDLE's site and cast a ballot for them. As with the voting for Major League Baseball's All Star teams, it's not a scientific process, but it is definitely a measure of the intensity of support that sites have been able to generate among their users.”

What’s your favorite job board?

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