Thursday, February 28, 2008

Benefits of Consultant-think

Tip #123: Think like a consultant. Search for a new job like a consultant.

Why think like a consultant if you're looking for a full time job?

Because today's hiring managers hire consultants and Full Time Employees the same way, and look for the same thing. Most full time jobs today can be filled by a consultant or an employee, and there's not all that much of a difference in cost.

A hiring manager needs help because he has a problem to solve. In today's complicated, technical, wired world, the manager's problem is usually pretty specific. In today's time-crunched world the hiring manager is usually under a tight time-frame to solve that problem.

But aren't consultants much more expensive? Consultants do charge much more per hour than the hourly cost of an employee. But when you figure in benefits, training costs, "ramp-up" time, vacation/sick time, risk of employee litigation or severance, the cost differential shrinks.

The primary reason companies hire consultants are for fast results, and to gain specific expertise of someone who has solved the same problem before. A hiring manager wants the same from a potential employee - minimal training and ramp up time, because the employee has already solved the same problem.

So how can you search like a consultant?
  1. Stop trying to be a generalist
  2. Individualize each resume to match the specific job description (remember cover letters often don't get reviewed)
  3. Brand yourself as a Subject Matter Expert
  4. Promote yourself as a Subject Matter Expert
  5. Search Engine Optimize yourself - Get found when employers search the internet, resume databases, and job boards for solutions
If you're an experienced manager, you want a job that includes management, not detailed knowledge. But even in management positions, Subject Matter Expertise is hired, leadership is one hires leadership.

Go for the Subject Matter Expertise....stay for the leadership.

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