Monday, February 4, 2008

Brilliant post in Scobleizer - What to do if you’re laid off in 2008 recession

Robert Scoble "Gets it"!

This is a fantastic post about job search 2.0 strategies....and why not? Scoble was one of the inventors of Web 2.0, and is the premier documenter of it's growth in his blog

I've got one point of disagreement with you Robert....cover letters, the dinosaur of today's job search. Cover letters are dead, a waste of time, and can be detrimental to your resume.

Customize your resume, not your cover letter! Check out my interview with
Chris Russell here and see why cover letters are dead (hint...resume databases strip the cover letter off, and don't search them).

But other than that detail, Robert outlines some great tactics for getting noticed. I recommend readers check out his blog for great ideas and news on what's new in Web 2.0. Check out the post here:

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