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Whos Firing – Layoffs week ended 10-30-09

Who's Firing is a weekly survey of organizations announcing (or rumoring) layoffs for the week ended 10-30-09. Not only is this valuable for job seekers, but for business analysts, corporate strategists, marketers, salespeople, investment analysts, financial advisers, and others who are interested in companies that are contracting.

Layoffs announced and rumored this week were in the Transportation, Government, Publishing, Health care, Manufacturing, Financial/Banking, and Education sectors.

Inclusion on this listing doesn’t mean the entire industry is down, as many from the same sector appeared on the “Who’s Hiring” article published 10/26/09. It is interesting to note that while Federal hiring is on the rise, a number of State and Local governments have continued to see cutbacks for over the past month.

Transportation, especially airline related companies announced significant layoffs this week, including Boeing, US Airlines, and American Airlines.

Publishers continued to shed jobs as Associated Press, Forbes, Southern Progress, and Arkansas Democrat-Gazette announced layoffs, while rumors continued at Conde-Nast about which units would face job cuts.

While many Healthcare organizations made the top hiring company lists, a number of Healthcare companies were laying off such as Quest Diagnostics (they are also on the top hiring company list), Dorothea Dix Hospital, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, LCA-Vision, and TomoTherapy. Education organizations including Michigan State, University of Maine, and State of Arizona teachers. Princeton & Dartmouth also announced layoffs, but the numbers were too small to make this lists’ cutoff (50).

Job seekers: You might want to look in greener pastures than these companies.

Organizations announcing or rumored layoffs week ended 10/30/09:

Southern Progress (Time, Inc), Birmingham AL (90) – Click to view
Boeing Corp, Kennedy Space Center FL (330) - click to view
Boeing Corp, National (500) - click to view
US Airways, National (1,000) – Click to view
American Airlines, Kansas City MO (700) – Click to view
Quest Diagnostics, Wallingford CT (60) – Click to view
Milwaukee County, Milwaukee WI (200) – Click to view
Diversco, Winston-Salem NC (55) – Click to view
Tracy CA (69) – Click to view
State of Massachusetts (1,000) – Click to view
ComScore, San Fransisco CA (50) – Click to view
Target, Minneapolis MN (85) – Click to view
Royal Dutch Shell, International (5,000) – Click to view
Michigan State University, East Lansing MI (600) - click to view
Bath Iron Works, Bath ME (191) - click to view
YRC Worldwide Inc, Overland Park KS (900) - click to view
John D. Hollingsworth on Wheels Inc, Greenville SC (190) - click to view
General Electric, Bloomington IL (96) - click to view
Microsemi Corp, Scottsdale AZ (200-300) - click to view
Dorothea Dix Hospital, Raleigh NC (300) - click to view
Shaw Industries, Tifton GA (200) - click to view
Associated Press, International (400?) - click to view
Site, Huntington WV (112) - click to view
Aramark/Broward County Jail, Pompano Beach FL (96) - click to view
Hendrickson International Trailer Suspension Systems, Canton OH (189) - click to view
State of Missouri (700) - click to view
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida, Jacksonville FL (150) - click to view
Forbes, National (100) - click to view
Intermet/Archer Creek Foundry, Campbell County VA (192) - click to view
University of Maine School System, Augusta ME (100) - click to view
Arthur J. Gallagher, Itasca IL (400) - click to view
Harley-Davidson Inc, Talladega GA (100) - click to view
Thomas & Betts Corporation, Cleveland OH (117) - click to view
Honeywell, Springfield IL (120) - click to view
HanesBrands, Forsyth NC (240) - click to view
Solano County, CA (161?) - click to view
Georgia-Pacific Corp, Fordyce AR (300) - click to view
Caterpillar, National (2500) - click to view
Arrow Electronics, Melville NY (100) - Click to view
Supreme Foam, Archdale NC (50) - Click to view
Perot Systems Corp, Lincoln NE (54) - Click for view
Capital One Bank, Melville NY (99) - Click to view
Gianni Versace, International (350) - Click to view
LCA-Vision Inc., Cincinnati OH (70) - Click to view
Wood-Mode, Kraemer PA (95) - Click to view
Direct Energy, Richardson TX (85) - Click to view
New United Motor Manufacturing, Fremont CA (3,764) – Click to view
USS-Posco, Pittsburg CA (50) – Click to view
Bank of America, Pasadena CA (174) – Click to view
Assurant Specialty Property Tustin, Orange, Santa Ana CA (256) – Click to view
Lennox Hearth Products, Inc, Orange CA (71) – Click to view
Rockwell Collins, San Jose CA (192) – Click to view
Standard Chartered Bank, Miami FL (72) – Click to view
Mohawk Flush Doors, subsidiary of Masonite Corp, South Bend IN (73) – Click to view
GECOM Corp, Frankfort KY (160) – Click to view
Miller Bros. Coal, LLC, Prestonburg, KY (225) – Click to view
New River Foundry, Radford, VA (76) – Click to view
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Little Rock AR (Unknown) – Click to view
TomoTherapy, Madison WI (10%) – Click to view
City of Cuyahoga Falls OH (53) – Click to view
US Steel, Granite City IL (Unknown) – Click to view
Citigroup, Las Vegas NV (75) – Click to view
City of Grand Rapids MI (Unknown) – Click to view
Dutchess County NY (70) – Click to view
Seattle WA Department of Planning & Development (Unknown) – Click to view
Fairpoint Communication, National (Unknown) – Click to view
State of Arizona Teachers (described as “Massive”) – Click to view
Guardian Auto Glass, Auburn IN (64) – Click to view
City of Birmingham AL (800) – Click to view
State of Pennsylvania (Estimated in hundreds) – Click to view

Source: Google, Twitter,,,,, Gawker,

Readers – If you know of employers announcing significant layoff plans, or employers reducing large numbers of employees, please comment below to add to this list.

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